I write this sitting half-a-dozen feet away from neat white shelving units which house part of my record collection. The reason I’m telling you this is because I have recently stumbled across a lovely new product aimed at injecting some life into record storage. What you get with Tunetables is a range of storage units which double as stylish tables, hand-crafted and based on the design for music-equipment flight-cases, which look fabulous and definitely will serve as ‘talking-points’ for your home.  Storage ranges from 100 – 500 for CDs, 30 – 60 for tapes, and 75 for vinyl.

It’s a cliché, but a truism, that inspiration strikes at unpredictable moments, often which unpredictable results. There’s a good story behind Tunetables, as told by Rob Chappelhow, head honcho and inventor, whose personal revelation came during a visit to the Joe Strummer Archive exhibition in Covent Garden. In Rob’s own words: “set out under an acrylic plinth was Strummer’s personal tape cassette collection…his musical heritage and inspiration perfectly showcased. It was totally spellbinding. I soon started to conceptualise how I could create my own version of this…a personal time capsule of life-affirming music. I wanted something that could be inherently useful, something that I would see and use every day, and that would be a talking point for like-minded music enthusiasts.”

Check out Tunetables below: