“This very sexual dance you see now, was born out of the reality for men in those old days,” says photographer David Hicks, concerning the art and passion of Tango music and dance. If you’ve not seen the work of this singular photographer, now is as good a time as any to check him out. Hicks is an artist who has travelled the world, and wherever he goes, it is our common humanity which catches his eye.

He is as much interested in the stories behind the scenes he captures as in the scenes themselves. Witness his captivating images from the streets of  Buenos Aires. Hicks explains: “The Tango, a now-popular dance between a man and a woman, started in it’s current form in the mid 1800s, after a massive migration to Argentina, mostly by men. Because men outnumbered women by quite some number, the only way for a man to get close to a woman was via a brothel or by dance. The men practiced together, as you’d have to be a great dancer to get a woman’s attention.”

For more wonderful shots, see also Hicks’ fascinating documents of Cuban musicians and dancers. “In Cuba,” says Hicks, “they live for their music. It’s everything to them, and they’re very good at it.” After the initial outlay of buying the instrument of choice,” he goes on, “it’s very cheap to enjoy. There’s not much in the way of other distractions so practise is easy.”

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