Conversations around the Coronavirus seem to be never-ending. It is a constant topic on the tv, radio and in person, we can’t escape the words; pandemic, lockdown, or Covid-19! Now we are well versed with restrictions and what we can and can’t do, as well as things finally opening again, we are starting to find ways around the limitations and enjoy a new way of living, outside! Luckily, art exhibitions are no exception.

Travel photography exhibition behind King’s Cross Station

Until restrictions being lifted on 17th May, we have found an answer to not being able to hold gatherings inside by simply putting them on outside. Just behind King’s Cross Station there is an outdoor travel photography exhibition named ‘The Silk Road: A Living History’, and here art and travel lovers can numb their wanderlust and enjoy the photography by Christopher Wilton-Steer and his journey along the historic trade route. Who knew King’s Cross would be a final travel destination when usually it’s just the start?

The history of Silk Road

The Silk Road: A Living History features over 160 photographs of Christians adventures. The breath-taking images were taken over a period of four months in 2019. Which captured his journey along the historic trade route, the 40,000KM expedition travelled by car, bus, train, ferry, horse, and camel from King’s Cross to Beijing.

Christopher Wilton-Steer is amongst a multitude of photographers to document the Silk Road. One of these is David Hicks, who travelled to Uzbekistan which is at the very heart of Silk Road. Hicks found that headwear is of surprising significance there. He found that provinces, districts, and even villages to have their own embroidery design with symbols that would bring good fortune to the wearer. He also found that the hats serve a practical purpose as the large traditional sheepskin hats are designed against freezing weather conditions. Basically, year-round, hot or hold, outside or inside, the people in Uzbekistan wear a lot of headwear.

Regardless of weather and hats, outside has become the new inside during the pandemic, which is fantastic news for all naturists among us! Finally, people are taking advantage of the great outdoors and finding respite in our beautiful surroundings. In the meantime, at least we can appreciate art in the lead-up to things opening once again!

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