February 14th is around the corner, some of you may be excited and others I would imagine are dreading the day or pretending it does not exist altogether! Valentines Day, a supposed day of love, flowers and gift giving for many. Yet not for all.

Valentine’s day might just be the worst day in the calendar to be single. Surrounded by couples cuddling up, Valentine’s day is a time where many feel most alone, but is that really such a bad thing?

Solitude is not the worst thing in the world, many associate being single with freedom, a breaking of chains that often weigh someone down. There may even be something beautiful in that loneliness. This year, I decided to seek this beauty out, and prove to my fellow singles that solitude is not always a disaster!

My search to find serenity in the solitude led me to the abstract artist of Dimtry’s collection . This talented artist aims to capture and convey raw emotion in his work and is rather successful in his mission. Valentines Day brings emotions from love to loneliness, both of which have been truly embraced in art throughout the centuries.

Alone with myself #inside by Dmitry Art

His collection of works range from ‘Love’ to ‘Physics of Emotion’ to ‘Solitude’, which is a beautiful look into some of the more lonely emotions of feelings and indeed no surprise that his art is captured as ‘Emotional Art’. Somehow Dmitry brings a lightness to what can be a sad emotion, a freeing and flowing tone that’s comforting for a single like me.

Maybe loneliness this Valentine’s day is not such a bad thing? Like Dmitry we can seek to find the art in our emotions, the light in the dark and the freedom to our loneliness.

If there’s one thing Dmitry’s work taught me it’s that emotions are not such a bad thing to feel after all and can result in some truly beautiful pieces of work. So have a cry this Valentine’s Day! Or maybe a laugh, a smile, whatever emotions become you.

Embrace the tears and the turmoil, emotion is not always such a bad thing!

Written By: Jessica Rowe

Posted in: Art