So here we go again but let’s keep our spirits up and embrace the warmth and cosiness of hygge mood- wrap up and take comfort in this wonderful, reassuring style. We can take this time to treat ourselves, whether that is with music, art, interiors, candles, or food, now is the time to envelope ourselves with these comforting moments and calm and warm our body and souls. Originating from our Danish friends this whole lifestyle is about taking our time embracing the comfort of home and soothing our bodies into the warmth of inside in autumn. We can take inspiration from nature around us, ‘hibernate’ into the cosiness of home with furs, warming fires and our interior comforts.

Let’s not endure lockdown but embrace our strengths and the aesthetics of art and music around us. Music can have one of the most calming influences on our wellbeing, whatever is personal and fits our mood. To fill our surroundings with music to fit our mood is a simple, free and easy way to enjoy moments alone or with our family and the demand for music is now higher than ever. Everyone is looking for inspiration and support and this can come in floods from the power of music and searching for new up and coming artists is fun and inspiring.

Our homes of course are now vital to us and our moods and art is another area that we can easily maximise to lift our spirits. There are so many artists whose work we can search online and buy art online and now view from the comfort of our homes and perfect timing to find those new wonderful artworks, whether for our homes or of course as gifts for our loved ones and friends. Buying art for Christmas presents could be the perfect gift. It is also a great time to be creative and make art for Christmas presents. Hygge art could embrace the nature around us, use branches, leaves, winter berries, bring the wonder of winter into our homes and create your own artwork. Why not look on platforms such as Etsy for inspiration? Whether you choose words, nature or drawings you can create inspirational art for your walls and gifts. This is a time to comfort our minds and bodies and love Hygge!

Written by — Lisa Freeman

After twenty-five years as an experienced arts PR, Lisa is now further expanding her focus within the art world to develop PR and Marketing campaigns within all sectors of arts and culture, from art galleries to exhibitions, as well as individual artist campaigns and charity art foundations.