Michael Jones displays a poetic talent for song writing in his latest release ‘Melts Away’. As a published poet, Jones’ song writing has won over both critics and fans, with awards for his previous works ‘We Are Soldiers’ (Top 10 Song of the Year, Songwriter University) and ‘What Is This Life For?’ (Song of the Month Contest winner, Song Universe). Born and raised in North Eastern Pennsylvania, Jones moved to the UK to study literature at Bristol University, earning a degree in Law as well.

Taken off his forthcoming EP ‘American Poet Part II’, ‘Melts Away’ sees Jones delve into deep, personal topics, discussing the importance of staying true to yourself during a relationship.

Melts Away is a song that challenges the overplayed notion that relationships are only ‘real’ if one gives up all of themselves to the other person. This is a song about holding onto what is sacred and personal at the deepest human level. It’s about the core of you that makes you ‘you’, being the deepest source of each person’s unique magic. It is advice of an unconventional sort, that holds to the foundation of a firm and private self as the temple from which the ability to love another emanates

Following in the footsteps of Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Jim Morrison, the poet-turned-musician captivates audiences through both his lyrical and musical composition. Jones’ relationship with poetry proves profound and deeper than most, igniting a more spiritual sensation within him.

Real poetry is a revolution that can wear many faces.  A revolution in language and ideas that can re-order and enlighten the senses. When the right poetic language meets the right musical sound there is magic. Nothing can find its way to the core of the human spirit like a great song, and in modern times, this magic is few and far between. American Poet is about finding that soul and depth, that is too often lost in modern music and seeking listeners who want to connect to songs on a deeper level”.

Listen to Michael Jones’ ‘Melt Away’ below.

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