Would you prefer to hear easy listening tracks when eating a healthy meal of organic vegetables and fruits and then a large cheesy pizza whilst pressing play on your kitchen disco playlist? Interesting thoughts really because surely music and food are very closely linked and perhaps something we often don’t especially think about or consider the power of music on our food or indeed food on our music! The power of food and music has undoubtedly had a huge impact on many of us during recent times, whether comfort eating with party music to actually try and motivate ourselves to move on positively or indeed turning to calming healthy music whilst trying to keep fit, running, walking or maintaining those pilates and yoga sessions.

This association of food and music is a theme that history constantly reminds us of, from the Romans orgies of grapes and sounds of lyres to Henry VIII courtly feasts and harps. The ever shifting fashions in food can so often be related to what is going on in the world and perhaps now our increasing appreciation of organic foods and the need for calm is very relevant. The need for music that takes us back to the gentle sounds of the 60’s & 70’s of Dylan and Joni Mitchell is all feeling very welcome these days.

Some Indie bands are now also embracing this opportunity to associate food and lifestyle with their music and the powerful influence it can have.  ‘The New Space Finders’ are a great example of this – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIVemAADAF4 a band whose musical style has been completely inspired by their lifestyle and the influences of their organic farm, their single ‘Superheroes’  definitely transports you to an ethereal mood of positivity.

The power and influence of food, from microgreens to edible flowers and the whole penchant for the calming influence of the foods and how this has influenced their music is fascinating, ‘ They watched nature and learned of her through patience and experience. Nature is entwined with all they do – they love the wind and the rain, the sunlight on the leaves, the moonlight and the taste of morning dew.’


BBC Radio 3 ‘Night Tracks’  is also covering  these themes  and discusses if plants could make music – some people have even recorded music with their Vegetable Orchestra’s, featuring carrots and cucumbers played like didgeridoo’s!!  Music & food feature in all our lives and are unquestionably two of the most important and potentially influential factors for many of us, even if we don’t realise it. Our moods can be changed instantly by a song or indeed a taste – combining the two can be stressful or indeed heavenly!

Never underestimate the power of food and music!

Written by- Lisa Freeman – BA Hons


After twenty-five years as an experienced arts PR Lisa is now further expanding her focus within the art world to develop PR and Marketing campaigns within all sectors of arts and culture, from art galleries to exhibitions, as well as individual artist campaigns and charity art foundations.