If you don’t smile listening to this song then you are committing a crime. It’s the kind of track that you put your headphones on and jug around your room to or will drag your friends to the dancefloor with. ‘The Tourist’ is upbeat and irresistibly catchy. It feels like you get swept up into the song early, with the hook hitting within the first thirty seconds; from there it just gets better. It sets a real 80’s vibe while still maintaining relevancy that will keep it out of the cheesy playlists. 

You can feel the undeniable performer in Mick throughout the track, full of character and energy, never letting up, and effervescent in the kind of crowd driving that surely comes from his career of performing at Universal Studios and Disney World. He calls the track and his career ‘the Rock ‘n Roll fantasy that everyone has’ and I think he nailed it. The lyricism really feels like a conversation, straight out of a musical, while the pacing of ‘The Tourist’ emanates Billy Joel’s ‘We Didn’t Start The Fire’.

You just can’t avoid Billy’s personality in this track, it exudes positivity and is exactly the kind of music we need right now. The production of the song is great, with all the instruments coming together perfectly to create a brilliant summer rock song. The song is a recall back to a time when Billy spenty a holiday in Manchester for Pride:

‘In 2018, my husband and I attended Manchester Pride as part of our trip to the U.K. We were so amazed at the overwhelming sense of acceptance, love and community we felt when we were there! The streets were filled with drag queens, lesbians, straight people, bears, twinks…and everyone was actually celebrating together.’

It isn’t just music in which Billy encompasses his infectious personality but also in fashion. With wardrobes of awesome handmade jackets, it is clear that that clothing is another brilliant creative outlet for the artist. It was something that he focused on particularly in the music video for ‘The Tourist’:

‘For my “Rock N’Roll Fantasy ” look (as I call it) I couldn’t find the long leather fringe that I wanted, so I got a long black “leather” fringe skirt. I cut it apart and pinned it with these ridiculous diaper safety pins, added some spikes and I was feeling it!’ 

With this song being taken from his upcoming album ‘Levelling Up’, I cannot wait to hear more Rock n Roll brilliance from this exuberant artist. 

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