After a thirty-year hiatus from the music industry, Killing Kenny (Ken Sunter) has finally returned to the studio with a long running commitment he needed to make good – releasing the music he has carried with him throughout the past three decades. In the early years of his career, Sunter joined numerous bands between the early eighties and late nineties. Adapting to numerous styles throughout the years, his passion for song writing only grew stronger.

A familiar story for so many artists, life shifted gear and steered Sunter in the direction of a successful career far and wide from the shores of rock ‘n’ roll. Over the years, however, that spark for music never dimmed. Now, Sunter is kickstarting his musical career again, showing all of us that it can never be too late.

Fearing that he had left it too late to restart his musical career, the opportunity for Sunter to get back into the business was too good to pass up. Already having an abundance of music in the works, he also wanted to tell people of his journey over the past thirty years. Working with a consultant with an impressive catalogue of industry experience, Sunter is making sure to share his journey and inspire those looking for a second chance.

“There will be regular posts, a little like a musical soap opera, so you can see how I am developing and if you like what you see maybe you will bring friends to the ‘party’, as well and help me to travel with you all, as my ‘back seat drivers’”

Episode 3, Killing Kenny.

Finding a thrill in performing original material and connecting with crowds after drumming in a Glaswegian band during the eighties, Sunter recorded two EPs before the group disbanded. After he stopped performing live in the late nineties, he still concentrated on song writing, submitting his works to other musicians in addition to working on theatre-based projects.

“Music and writing has always been part of my life for many, many, many years. Sadly, it took a back seat, becoming more of a private hobby and some hard-hearted people may even say a self-indulgence. Then in 2019, I started to work on some new material, having spent time being taught the piano, to a level to be able to assist me in writing songs. By chance, the new songs were played to some old friends in the music business, with the material being well received. It was this encouragement and spark that gave me the confidence to get back to doing what I love, at the age of 53 and have now embarked on a new era, as a singer/songwriter. I do look forward to hearing from you and naturally also look forward to seeing you all at Wembley stadium in the near future! Well we can dream, can’t we?”

Now back and ready to thrive, you can keep up to date with Killing Kenny’s music journey through his social media accounts (linked below).